Charity Trustees

Anthony Mascolo

Three-time winner of the prestigious British Hairdresser of the Year and London Hairdresser of the Year awards, Anthony’s extensive experience in the industry and award-winning career have been major factors in the success of Toni & Guy.

Sadly Anthony’s brother, Guy passed away in 2009. In his memory, Anthony Mascolo, brother Bruno Mascolo Guy’s wife, Flora Mascolo created the Guy Mascolo Football Charity.

Edward Cadogan, Viscount Chelsea

“However strong we are as individuals, in life most of us are stronger as part of a team. Belonging to their own football club helps youngsters to experience and value this whilst having a great deal of fun keeping fit. That’s why I’m delighted to have been invited to become a Trustee of the Guy Mascolo Football Charity”

Edward Cadogan

Paul Canoville – Charity Ambassador

Paul Canoville became the first black player to ever play in a Chelsea shirt.

Paul shares his experiences to motivate young people to change, through his freelance work. Paul delivers workshops in schools throughout the United Kingdom – highlighting the importance of education and discussing with pupils issues around bullying and racism. Paul builds on his own powers of story telling by making use of his own animated film.

Paul is passionate about his work with young people and his intimate knowledge of the pit falls that exist for young people gives him an unrivalled chance of making a difference to vulnerable youngsters faced with many of the temptations he too has had to deal with.


Flora Mascolo – Charity Trustee

Flora Mascolo, Guy’s widow, is an avid supporter of the Charity and is delighted that Guy is remembered through the Charity, as football was Guy’s passion.

Flora is pro active in raising both the funds and the profile of the Charity. She is keen to help all the children in the local community  by making sure any child has access to playing football without any barriers.

She is committed long term to the aims and goals of the Guy Mascolo Football Charity.

Michail Antonio – Charity Ambassador


As a newly appointed Ambassador for the Guy Mascolo Football Club Michail says,

“I would like to thank the Guy Mascolo Football Club for choosing me to be an Ambassador. I regard it as a real honour and I am humbled by the faith and trust that has been placed in me. It is a responsibility that I do not take lightly, and I will endeavour to represent GMFC to the very best of my ability in this exciting role. What better way to show my own support and encouragement to a local football charity helping youngsters realise their potential as good citizens as well as talented sportsmen of the future?

The role of GMFC Ambassador is a great opportunity for me to give something back to the community and to express my gratitude for the opportunity to serve you.”

Allan Hogg – CEO

Allan Hogg, CEO of the Guy Mascolo Football Charity has been appointed as Executive Director of BedHead Football Club. Allan is a long time business associate and friend of Anthony Mascolo for the past 25 years.

Allan will oversee the business structure of BedHead Football Club and improve the quality and professionalism of the club.  Allan and Almira will also focus on raising the profile, sponsorship and fundraising of Guy Mascolo Football Charity, without which there would be no future for BedHead Football Club.

Almira Alidon – Charity Secretary

Almira, who has worked with the Mascolo Family and Allan Hogg for over 10 years, manages the business administration of the Guy Mascolo Football Charity and BedHead FC.

She has been involved with the BedHead FC since it’s creation in 2007 and now works closely with Allan to ensure the charity’s club’s operations run efficiently and professionally.