TIGI Work Skills Programme

TIGI Work Skills Programme


Ismail Adam, 18, Harris Academy – “I learnt it is good to be creative and take risks with new ideas as its good to have confidence in your opinions”

The purpose of the TIGI skills for work programme with GMFC is to provide participants, selected from our community projects, with the skills and ability to succeed in todays workplace. screenshot-2016-11-23-16-24-35

The skills for work project is split into 4 days of workshops and practical sessions covering a host of topics such as:

  • Communication
  • Presentation
  • Time Management
  • Customer service
  • Team Building
  • Networking
  • Practical application of CV Writing

The week closes with the participants presenting the work they have done over the week on ascreenshot-2016-11-23-16-24-15 product of their own creation to their fellow peers, tutors and directors at TIGI.

Jack Marciano, 17, Harris Academy – ” The programme helped me to improve my confidence and works hard to complete tasks set b the project team. OI learnt the amount of work that went into a single project and the structuring of working life. I found the project to be very effective”

Through the programme young people have the opportunity to progress further with TIGI if they show the required potential as well as the continued support of their mentors at GMFC.