Positive Lifestyles Project (2015 – 2017)

The Positive Lifestyles Project


James Simone, 15“Positive Lifestyles helps us develop our life skills as well as our communication and team work. Overall it has been a very very good experience for all of us”

The Positive Lifestyles Project is run in partnership with Wandsworth Borough Early Intervention Team (BEIT) and the Enable Witness Da Fitness programme.

Player of the tournament Omar with great control
Player of the tournament Omar with great control

Positive Lifestyles puts GMFC in the heart of the community where we are best able to engage the young people in our local community.

Omar Ahmed, 15“Habib and Daren can be encouraging and supportive at times when you need help, if you have a problem you can go to them and discuss the problem and they make sure it goes away and doesn’t come back”

We provide 10 hours of FREE football coaching each week across the Battersea and Clapham Junction area for young people aged 11 to 19 with the opportunities for the young people who are too old and have been through the project and are moving on. IMG_0241Included in the project are workshops every 6 weeks.

Aims of workshops:

  • Empower young people with knowledge on issues they may come across in their local area
  • Offer pathways into employment.
  • Offer educational pathways.
  • Pathways gain to accredited qualifications such as FA Level 1, SIA, CSCS and many more.

In our first year we had over 600 different young people, a record for the project, and have consistently engage with 100 plus young people every week.

Young people attending Positive Lifestyles also have the opportunity to go on trips out of the area such as the annual trip to Liverpool for Black History Month.

Pos Life presentation