Jordan Shekoni

My name is Jordan Shekoni and I am now 20 years of age, I joined the Go Getter Project 1 year and 3 months ago and have come a long way since. I mostly definitely didn’t have the worse upbringing but as a large percentage of ethnic backgrounds have low income, I and my family was part. I have always had a passion for competitive sport especially football – not fitness but Coach Andy and the competitiveness at the project got me into it.

I played regular for my primary, secondary school and Saturday/Sunday teams anywhere I could really play to be honest up until year 9 when I was aged around 14/15.

I changed schools in year 9, made new friends and met new people. As I was still developing and growing physically and mentally I began exploring, I started seeing life differently; I stopped playing football and found enjoyment in other things.

I had a good start to year 9 in my new school; I brought over my good work ethic from last and continued to work at an above average level. I was never the best behaved pupil throughout my school years, from primary school always fighting, getting sent out of class and missing lunch breaks for back chatting and being the class clown, funny enough my behaviour never affected my grades as I was always a high achiever and always got what I was predicted.

Things changed for me suddenly as I reached into year 10, I began smoking and drinking socially with my friends but slowly the smoking became an everyday thing. Not cigarette but weed and my attitude changed towards school and I became disconnected, I became even more disruptive and was never really focused in lessons. My grades began to slip and so did my attendance, where in year 11 I was hardly in and if I was I wasn’t in lesson.

At home I changed also, I was hardly in and if I was I was in my room sleeping, my life was being out with my friends smoking, maybe drinking and finding things to entertain us. Slowly I began to get involved with crime. I had more than my fair share of run-ins with the law, back and forth from courts and in and out police cells. It became repetitive, I knew this wasn’t life. I told myself I was only doing it for the money but it wasn’t worth the troubles and pain I caused for my mother and family.
When I began training with the Goal Getter Project I was actually on electronically tagged from my last conviction, I was on this case for more than 2 years back and forth from court. Being with the Go Getter Project allowed me to express myself with a football better than in any other way, allowing me to train away from any worries or troubles just forget about what’s happening in my personal life and work with others.

I became a new player; technically, physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. I was never overweight but I was heavy and well-built but the training at the project has made me trim, ripped and a lot more powerful. I was never keen on running, but because I was no longer 12 years old and able to run for decades naturally I had to train to become fit to meet the demands on the football pitch i.e. the speed/pace of play, to execute moves with skill and efficiency throughout the game and to last the 90/120 minutes of a match.

The Goal Getter Project and Coach Andy and has had a major impact on me, we have a very good relationship and I have the upmost respect for him and I know and he has proved he has time for me and each and every one of us that train with him at the Go Getter Project. I feel that since training with the development squad Coach Andy has given me the opportunity to learn from step 1, basically start from scratch and learn the ins and outs the game. Also having such a good relationship with him this allowed me to talk to him about my personal life, and he gave me support, great advice and encouragement.

I have not only improved on my physical attributes further but Andy has taught me the art of respect, responsibility on and off the field, patience, self-control, having a positive attitude and how to conduct myself on and off the football pitch. These attributes are very much transferable and can be used in day to day life.
At The Goal Getter Project we’re all about hard work, team bonding, setting personal goals and getting them!, improving ourselves as we learn not only as a team but as a family, and last but not least banter! Every session we train hard and have a laugh, the vibes at the sessions are always positive and enjoyable perfect for learning and improving.