Jack Marciano

Jack Marciano – Guy Mascolo Football Charity

Achievers case study


Jack Marciano is a 16 year old student at Harris Academy Battersea. He lives in Battersea and has a passion for football. Jack is an avid Chelsea supporter.

 Jack first got involved with GMFC through an after school club at Harris Academy Battersea. He had always been interested in football coaching. Jack is also the Harris Academy year 11 football coach and recently guided the team to the semi finals of the cup.

With no coaching experience prior to volunteering with GMFC Jack ”feels like he has coached for years.”

During the school summer holidays Jack came into the office for work experience. During this time he learned that a lot happens off the pitch to do with coaching.

“ I feel that the work experience has helped me a lot as it has given me a deeper understanding of what is needed to be a good coach. Also I had learnt some skills that has helped my communication skills and has improved my motivation.”

“ I feel that the GMFC coaching education programme has benefited me as it has helped me understand what areas I need to improve on.”

Part of Jacks experience was working with GMFC as they partnered Cobham football club managing the reserves in the Suburban football league. During his time at Cobham Jack has experienced & learned many skills and qualities that are needed when running, organising and managing a growing football club in the non league pyramid.


Part of Jack’s coaching development included working from 9-12 on Saturday mornings assisting coaches with their teams.

“ I have been doing this for a few months and I feel this has helped me massively.”

“ I have been really enjoying my time whilst picking up invaluable experience . This has helped me understand what is needed to become a great coach thanks to Errol,Kyrie and James. They have helped me so much.”

FA Level 1

During the time of this case study ,Jack has gone on to pas hiss FA level 1 Award in football coaching with flying colours.


Jack is definitely making a positive contribution in the community by

  • Engaging in positive decision making and supporting the community and environment
  • Engaging in law-abiding and positive behaviour in and out of school
  • Developing positive relationships and choosing not to bully and discriminate
  • Developing his self-confidence and successfully dealing with significant life changes and challenges


Wandsworth is the safest borough in inner London for recorded crime. According to government figures, Wandsworth has less recorded crime than places like Oxford or North Lincolnshire and is well outside the top 40 high crime areas.

Crime in Battersea

  ASB Burglary Robbery Vehicle Violence Drugs CD & A Shoplifting Bike theft Theft from the person Other theft Weapons Public order Other Total
January 2016 154 90 28 129 175 23 61 54 24 28 101 5 41 7 920
December 2015 174 84 15 121 174 16 38 41 25 29 128 3 26 6 880
November 2015 198 68 12 115 169 8 65 43 36 37 147 2 48 2 950
October 2015 274 98 16 96 179 15 60 46 41 22 125 4 44 9 1,029
September 2015 176 99 16 117 179 13 42 42 28 23 133 3 54 7 932
August 2015 214 68 17 91 170 23 50 50 22 15 126 1 36 9 892
July 2015 233 90 15 85 195 21 66 54 39 24 117 3 39 9 990


However the data from the table above provided by the Economic policy centre for uk crime stats shows a total rise in crime from December 2015 – January 2016 in Battersea.


Several factors have been identified as contributing to the successful implementation of crime prevention initiatives at GMFC including:

  • The need to be culturally sensitive, involve and empower the community (in decision making, as volunteers and as paid professionals)


  • The importance of strategies to make programs accessible to keep young people engaged


  • The requirement for longer term investment in our young people