24th Feb TRIALS for the Michail Antonio / GMFC Football Education Centre

24th of Feb we will be holding trials for the first time in 2017 for the Michail Antonio & GMFC Football Education Centre.

To register for trials click the link alongside: http://guymascolofc.com/registration/

Successful trialists will become part of the preliminary Michail Antonio and GMFC Football Education Centre squad who will gain support in progressing through their GCSE’s to then become part of our BTEC programme starting September 2017.

Student athletes will get:

  • 17 hours studying
  • 10 hours football
  • Competitive matches
  • Further qualifications
  • GMFC workshop and work skills programme giving young people inspiration and opportunities outside of the realms of sport.
  • Full access to the Studytracks app to help with revision towards